Don’t Trip!

  In our day-to-day lives, there is any number of things that can trip us up or otherwise become an obstacle. Small things like forgetting where we left the car keys or spilling coffee on our just-cleaned shirt can derail us just enough to put a snag in our plans. As we learned from Trey [...]

Mid-Week Message: Are We There Yet?

We all know that dogs can be hard to train. They are like children in that they want what they want and they want it now! They don't always do what we tell them to do either. It takes a lot of hard work to train a dog. Most importantly, it takes patience. Patience is [...]

Midweek Message: Disaster Relief Update

  Now that our brush with Hurricane Irma has passed, we’re continuing to look ahead to how we can help those that have been impacted throughout South Georgia and Florida. Over the last several days, Mount Pisgah has spent quite a bit of time preparing for and helping hurricane evacuees through our Emergency Response Team, setting [...]

Midweek Message: ENGAGE Disaster Relief Update

It’s often in the midst of great trouble that we find shining examples of the good that people can do in the world. Hurricane Harvey has been just such an event. I’m sure we’ve all seen pictures and videos of the devastation in Texas, and I’m confident that we've all wished we could do more. [...]

Midweek Message: Pray Through It

Scripture of the Week: Exodus 17:8-16, Psalm 141:2-3 Sometimes the hardest part of being a sidekick is in taking on the unknown. Pastor Mark continued our Sidekick series with a look at Joshua, one of Moses’ right-hand men. Joshua was one of a handful of men that explored the then unknown land of Canaan—and one [...]

Scripture of the Week: Numbers 13:16-33, 14:36-38 The eclipse this week was great. It was such a beautiful sight to see. What I loved most about it was not necessarily what it looked like as I gazed up into the sky with my special glasses, but rather the effect the shadow had on the ground [...]

Midweek Message: A Transition to Greatness

Scripture of the Week: Exodus 18:13-27 From Robin to Chewbacca, all heroes need a faithful sidekick. But it can be a tough role for us to fall into. This past Sunday, Mark Danzey taught us about Moses’ sister Miriam, and how her faith and actions saved Moses from the Nile and helped him free the [...]

Midweek Message: If … Then

Scripture of the Week: Luke 6:37-38   Simon Says.... Read this email. Very good! You're doing great! We wrapped up our series this last Sunday on "Follow: Go, Wait, Give", and it was great! We crowned a winner for our fantastic Simon Says game and the entire church had a wonderful time learning that God [...]