A Great Transition

Scriptures of the week: Ephesians 6:1-4; Luke 2:41-52 We are in the middle of a holy experience at Mount Pisgah. From the hundreds who came forward on Easter to the messages of truth on Sunday morning – we are in a great place of transition and growth. If we hold firm to God, it [...]

Easter is for you

What an amazing God we serve! Because He loved us, He made great sacrifices to bring each of us closer to Him and to grow in a relationship with Him. I am excited about this week and the opportunities to connect with you and our community. On April 14 at 7:00pm we will gather for [...]

Easter and the Egg

Scripture of the Week: John 12:1-19 How do we, as a family of faith, come together, serve our community and invite them to become a part of Mount Pisgah? One great opportunity is our community Easter egg hunt. On April 15 families from all walks of life will be our guests at the Patriot Athletic [...]

Living Intentionally

Scripture of the Week: Psalm 24:1 Merriam-Webster defines joy as the emotion evoked by well-being, or good fortune or by the prospect of possessing what one desires; delight; a state of happiness or felicity; a source or cause of delight. My question this week is this: Where does your joy come from? Is it in gaining power, influence, things, or [...]

Want A Fresh Start?

Scripture of the week: I Corinthians 3:5-6​ I am excited about the opportunity to be outside and observe the evolution of seasons. In Atlanta, we are teetering on the edge of spring. It's quite an experience to leave the 100-degree weather of Cambodia and enter into what feels likes a second winter in Atlanta. [...]

Hello from Cambodia

Scriptures of the Week: Matthew 13:1-24 Greetings from Cambodia where I am experiencing what God is doing for others through Mount Pisgah and the United Methodist Church. It has been an amazing experience seeing how the Church is fulfilling the mission to make disciples for Jesus Christ while serving the community and sharing [...]

A beautiful mess

Scriptures of the Week: Psalm 51:1-13 & II Corinthians 5:16-20 There is an Ash Wednesday tradition in the Church. The ashes for the service are from the palm branches used in the preceding year’s Palm Sunday. The same type of fronds that commemorated Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem are burned, blessed, and then used to [...]