Rev. Mark Danzey

DiscipleLife Pastor
(678) 336 3252
mdanzey [at] mountpisgah [dot] org

Born and raised in: Miami, Florida

Children and grandchildren: 4 children

Favorite Verse: I John 1:7-9

Why: It reminds me that Jesus and I are in a partnership. I walk in the light of His love and He continually forgives me of my brokenness.

My hero is:  Bud Danzey

Best asset: Don’t take my self too seriously

Hobbies: Golf, Snow Skiing, Hunting

I'm happiest when: Vacationing with my family / Leading a small of group

I am most excited about: Watching my children mature into adulthood

My trademark cliché or expression: Ding, Dang, Do!

Favorite foods: Ribs

Favorite movie: Les Miserables

Favorite sports team: Miami Dolphins

Favorite vacation spot: Colorado

My last meal would be: A Grouper BLT from Sea Island

Nobody knows:  I get very nervous speaking in front of people.